About Us

Established in 2013 My Melts is a family run business, where all the melts are made with care by handI am Stacey Abela and my aim is to provide my customers with a product I believe in and love.

We at My Melts locally create our melts therefore your orders will be made freshly to provide maximum fragrance.

My Melts works with other local artists and artisans to offer a range of beautifully handmade products from our shop in Mosta, including our own custom-made MyMelts burners. Come by to see our selection in person, you will be welcomed and given a small introduction to our range of fragrances.

Growing up in Australia we always learnt that locally made was best and that we must look after our planet. So it was important to me that these two priorities should play a major part at My Melts.

My Melts are made from Eco Soy Wax which is Non-toxic, it doesn’t contain any pesticides, herbicides or genetically modified materials. An excellent choice for both our health and Mother nature. Due to the superior quality of Eco Soy Wax it has the ability to lock in fragrance longer than any other wax, which makes it perfect for a slow and gradual release of aroma to set the ambiance to your surroundings. Have you ever realized when you have a scented candle after around 5 days you can’t smell it any more ? It’s not because the candle doesn’t work but because our sense of smell gets used to it as it permeates everything around you. With my melts you can change your fragrance every four days and not break the bank ! Use different fragrances around your home to make your senses tingle.

Our logo and product is that of a heart shape – everyone tends to relate hearts to love, but to us here are at My Melts it also means to care. To Have A Heart is to care.