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 Handmade Melts based on organic and natural ingredients which are good for the mind, body & soul.

My Remedy is a complementary therapy that we provide. These aromatherapy blends are tailor made to help fight against long term ailments. My Remedy is to be used between other medications. For example. If you have sinus and your medication can only be taken every 6 hours and your sinus is coming back before it’s time. You can use your Remedy inhaler to get you through. We provide, roll-ons, inhalers, creams, ointments, massage-bath oils. You choose what is best for your life style.

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Our customers always leave honest reviews for our products and service.


customer, facebook review

I can’t even describe in simple words the fun and knowledge I got during one of My Melts short courses on aromatherapy. It was not only magical, inspirational, divine and filled with the most exotic to warm scents inside the cute little shop, but it also felt like home! And her home-made products are incredible. I still have a smile due to my new personalized scent I got  thank you so much!

I. U. D

Customer, facebook review

Yes 100% 
I have been to My Melts and I have felt at ease and at home. I love the products , super genuine !
Stacey is really helpful and I learned a lot from her  
She has a lot of Remedies to benefit from . Will definitely visit again !

A. A

customer, facebook review

My Melts is a beautiful escape from the hectic outside world, where one can easily get lost in wonder at all the beautiful, locally handmade items based on organic and natural materials which are good for the mind, body & soul. Not to mention the fabulous fragrance selection of course! And Stacey Abela is such a darling too

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Our logo and product is that of a heart shape – everyone tends to relate hearts to love, but to us here are at My Melts it also means to care. To Have A Heart is to care.