Massage and bath oil (30ml)

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My Remedy Massage and Bath oils are blended for problems such as

Arthritis, Rheumatism, Fibromyalgia, I.T. Ban, Muscular pain, Joint pain, Nerve pain.

Skin problems, Circulation, wrestles leg syndrome. Depression, anxiety, relaxation, increase sexual appetite, PMS, period pain and much more.


Not all superheroes wear caps!
Throughout the years our body takes on more than they can handle.
Sometimes we need to give a little love back to ourselves.
My Remedy massage/ bath oils can do just that!
Tailor-made to your needs you may use these oils as a spot massage or add a few drops with some Epsom Salts for the perfect bath.
You will be surprised at how fast you will feel your active self.
Ideal for sore Joint, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Insomnia, Stress, Depression, Eczema.
It’s yet another perfect way to use essential oils and feel better naturally.
Only made from a top quality pure essential oil blended with a selection of carrier oils for safe use.
My Remedy complimentary therapy with have you feeling ready to
save the world again!


Since the product is natural, there is no recommended maximum usage for it.
Simply apply it whenever you feel required and let
My Remedy works its magic.

My Remedy is a complementary therapy so can be used between taking your prescribed medication.

Warning. Essential oils are never to be consumed.


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